Thank you for being a Secret Diner at Tommy's Restaurant. Our goal with our Secret Diner Program is to help our staff and management continually improve on the experience we provide our guests. Your feedback provides us with a training tool by which we are able to offer praise and constructive criticism to ensure that our staff performs at the level we know they are capable and they expect of themselves.

If you are reading this before your scheduled evening, take great mental notes, look for how our staff shines and how they can improve. And most of all, enjoy yourself!

Thank you!

Your Name *
Your Name
Date of visit? *
Date of visit?
When did you arrive? *
When did you arrive?
1) Was the restaurant's outside appearance attractive- Did the restaurant have curb appeal? *
2) Did the outside appear to be clean-clear sidewalks, clean windows and doors etc? *
3) Was the restaurant clean and attractive inside? *
4) Was the host/hostess area attractive? *
1) Were you promptly greeted by the host/hostess? *
2) Was the greeting friendly & professional? *
3) Were you seated promptly? *
4) If not immediately seated, was the host/hostess
4a) If the host/hostess was occupied, did the host/hostess let you know that he/she would be right with you?
5) Were you greeted in a timely manner by your server? *
6) Did the server suggest a beverage or appetizer? *
7) Was your server knowledgeable about the menu ie: sauces, sides? *
8) Was the server knowledgeable about the wine menu? *
9) Did the server tell you the daily specials prior to taking your order? *
10) If you ordered a steak did your server explain how it would be cooked according to the temp you ask for ie: Med-Hot red center , Rare- Cool red center?
11) Did the server suggest wines that would pair well with your menu selection? *
12) Did the food arrive in a timely fashion? *
13) If you ordered a salad was a chilled fork brought out with it?
14) Did the server check back with you during the course of your meal? *
15) Were the plates cleared at the end of your meal? *
16) Were you offered dessert? *
17) Was the bill settled in a timely fashion? *
18) Did your server ask you to fill out a VIP customer card when he/she brought you the bill? *
19) Did the overall waitstaff seem relaxed (not rushed)? *
20) What was your overall experience with the customer service? *
21) Did any other waitstaff check on your table during the course of yourmeal? *
21b) If yes - who?
1) What is your overall impression of the menu selection? *
2) Did your meal arrive as ordered? *
3) How would you rate the overall food presentation? *
4) Did the food meet expectations, i.e. quality, temperature? *
5) At the completion of your meal did the server invite you to return? *